Improve decision making.
Develop risk reduction

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Keep your Risks tightly under control

Evaluate the effectiveness of any actions that may change the status of any identified risk.

Maintain an effective control over the ongoing actions with an assessment of their profile and trending.

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iRISK dashboard
iRISK dashboard

Intuitive Filters.
For improved focus.

Navigate effortlessly between different business areas, users or risk nature, to quickly find the information you need and perform comparisons between different risk profiles.

And then, deploy the right actions to mitigate the most significant threats to your business.

Straightforward Risk Visualisation

iRISK™: Risk Register uses advanced visualisation tools that support your decision-making.

You will be able to compare risks and their strategies so that you can better comprehend the implications and take better decisions.

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iRISK dashboard
iRISK dashboard

Optimise your Risk procedures. Smoothly

With iRISK™: Risk Register you can escalate your risk decisions to a different hierarchical level.

Whether you need to make a change request, have a budget approved or simply want to deliver a report, Risk Register will make sure the risk information is managed appropriately, efficiently and effectively.

iRISK™: Risk Register means better performance


Communicate and escalate risks in a single click


Build an executive summary or report with ease, in under 1 minute

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Automatic generation of risk charts per category

Implementing iRISK™: Risk Register

We understand that you need to have a clear picture of when would iRISK™ start making your Risk Management so much easier. Our deployment process is very streamlined, which is why we can predict that a standard installation will take approximately one month.

You should keep in mind that, if a customised iRISK™ better fits your needs, these installation timelines will be adjusted and agreed with you based on the extent of the required customisations.

iRISK implementation: one month


computer screen

Our team will make sure the system works properly and that your other systems are perfectly integrated iRISK™.


At this point, we will deliver a carefully planned training to your team to make sure you can make the most out of iRISK™.

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It's Go-Live time! This also marks the start of the one month Hypercare phase where we will support closely your iRISK™ use.

Annual User License model

iRISK™ is licensed through an annual subscription for each user. User License price decreases as the total of purchased User Licenses increases.

Support & Maintenance

iRISK™ includes upgrades and fixes, as well at least 5h per year, per User License of Remote Support.

Deployment Strategy

iRISK™ can be deployed at a client's infrastructure/cloud or using 4TE cloud provider (Microsoft Azure).


iRISK™ is your platform. This means that it will be adapted to your organisation's unique requirements so that you can maximize the potential of your team's performance.


The expertise of our team when dealing with most data sources means that iRISK™ can be integrated with virtually any 3rd party software.

Data safe

We will load all your historical data and templates into iRISK™. This means that you will get only benefits from adopting a new tool and none of the friction.

iRISK™: Risk Register Stories

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“Having all the tools connected is extremely valuable for us, as well as the ability to monitor risks for different products and prioritize actions.“

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