Select the one that fits your needs


iRISK is available in different Edition Levels so that you can select the one that better fits your needs.


Edition Starter

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  • Risk Assessment Tools*
  • Risk Mitigation Tools
  • Reporting & Sharing
  • Product Risk Folders
  • Audit Trail


Edition Light

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  • Risk Identification Tools
  • Risk Assessment Tools
  • Risk Mitigation Tools
  • Reporting & Sharing
  • Product Risk Folders
  • Equipment Risk Folders
  • Facilities Risk Folders
  • Suppliers Risk Folders
  • Audit Trail
  • Risk Profiles Comparison Tools
  • Multiple User Levels
  • Approval cycles for QRM Reports
  • Workflow Designer
  • Documentation Management
  • Validation Package
  • Control Strategies & Action Plans
  • 3rd Party Integration


We know that one size doesn’t fit all. We know the industry and that you probably already have internal procedures for Risk Management activities that are crucial to your Pharmaceutical Quality System. That is why we have a modular approach in iRISK and we can adapt features and tools to blend seamlessly to your organization and customize iRISK to meet your requirements.

Licensing and delivery

How the platform can be used?


iRISK is installed at the locations of your choice and connected to your IT system - On-premises (local licensing), taking advantage of your infrastructure, security and control.


iRISK can also be deployed as a cloud-service (Amazon Web Services‎ or Microsoft Azure), making the most of well-proven technology providers without further investment in hardware and platform management.

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